Face Wash Market in Bangladesh


  • Facewash Sales Status

    3104 respondents/outlets were asked about Facewash market Sales Status. Among the total respondents, approximately 82.6% (2565 individuals) reported that they sell different types of Hand sanitizer as their regular products. About 17.4% of the total respondents (539 individuals) respondents replied that they are not selling any kind of Facewash currently.


  • Facewash Sales Quantity

    We surveyed 2565 Facewash sellers to determine their average sales quantity from the previous month. Of the respondents, 34.4% reported selling between 10-30 pieces of varying sizes. 21.3% reported selling between 30-50 pieces, while 18.9% sold between 50-100 pieces. Approximately 16.0% of respondents sold between 100-200 pieces, with only 7.7% selling less than 10 pieces. A mere 1.8% of respondents sold more than 200 pieces of different sizes.

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  • Top Ten Facewash Brands

    To identify the top branded Facewash products, we have asked the respondents (total of 2565) about the most selling brand. Most of the respondents (61.0%) mentioned “Ponds White Beauty” as the top brand and Himalaya Herbal Neem tenth (12.2%) among the top ten brands of Facewash. The other brands are: Pond’s Daily Facewash (44.1%), followed by Himalaya Purifying Neem (35.9%), Fair & Lovely Multivitamin (27.6%), Pond’s Pure White (24.2%), Garnier Light Complete (20.9%), Garnier White Complete (20.8%), Garnier Sakura White (15.5%) and Clean & Clear (14.1%)


  • Local Facewash Brand

    We conducted a survey of 2565 individuals to determine the most popular locally branded facewash. Out of the respondents, only 1.9% selected “Kumarika Oil Control” as their top choice. Heno Neem Facewash came in tenth place with only 0.1% of participants choosing it as their preferred local brand. Other notable locally branded facewashes included Momtaj Herbal Facewash (1.8%), Kumarika Pimple Control (1.3%), Modern Herbal Facewash (0.7%), Kumarika Oil Control Facewash (0.4%), Botanic Aroma Facewash (0.2%), Israt Ayurvedic, Smart Herbal, and Kumarika Skin Care Facewash, all receiving 0.2%, 0.2%, and 0.1% of mentions respectively.


  • Most Facewash Selling Size

    We conducted a survey with 2565 respondents to determine the most popular size of facewash in the market. Out of the total respondents, 80.5% indicated that they prefer medium-sized facewash (100 to 250 gm). Small-sized facewash (25-100 gm) followed closely behind with a preference of 16.4%. Only 3.6% of the respondents preferred large-sized facewash (family size more than 250 gm) while 0.5% indicated a preference for mini/share packs (less than 25 gm).


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