Hand Sanitizer Sales Status in Bangladesh


  • Hand Sanitizer Sales Status

    A total of 3104 respondents/outlets were asked about Hand sanitizer Sales Status. Among the total respondents, only 20.2% (628 individuals) replayed that they sell different types of Hand sanitizer as their regular products. Most of the respondents 79.8% (2476 individuals) respondents replayed that they are not selling any kind of Hand sanitizer currently.


  • Hand wash Sales Quantity

    Among the total Hand sanitizer seller (628) we have asked about the average sales quantity for the last month. Here is the respondents’ feedback that their average sales quantity is 10-30 pieces of different sizes (58.0% of 628 respondents). Approximately 18.2% of respondents replayed that their average sales quantity is less than 10 pieces of different sizes. 16.4% of respondents replayed that their average sales quantity is 30 to 50 pieces of different sizes. Approximately 6.4% of respondent’s sale quantity is 50 to 100 pieces of different sizes. Only 1.1% of respondents’ sales quantity is more than 100 pieces of different sizes.


  • Top Ten Hand wash Brand:

    To identify the top branded Hand Sanitizer products, we have asked the respondents (total of 628) about the selling brand. Most of the respondents (79.6%) mentioned “Dettol” as the top brand and Pureu as tenth (6.7%) among the top ten brands of Hand sanitizer. The other brands are; Lifebuoy (79.3%), followed by Savlon (63.5%), Sepnil (25.8%), Freshtone (18.3%), Himalaya (13.4%), Carex (12.7%), Skin Cottage (12.4%) and Almar (8.6%).


  • Most Hand Sanitizer Selling Size:

    To explore the most demanded size of Hand sanitizer, we have asked to the respondents (total of 628) about the current market demanded Hand wash size. Most of the respondents (83.6% of 628) replayed that medium size (Regular size 150 to 280 ml) is the most demandable followed by small size (poly pack 100 to 150 ml) (9.1% of total respondents). Other sizes are, large (5.9%) and mini/shahe 1.4%


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