Marketing Strategy for Emerging LED Product in Lighting Industry of Bangladesh


The lighting industry worldwide is currently undergoing a significant transformation due to the rapid urban growth expected over the next decade and the increasing focus on energy efficiency. Additionally, the Light Engineering Sector (LES) has been recognized as a crucial part of Bangladesh, with the potential to play a significant role in economic development and job creation. The Government of Bangladesh has identified the light engineering sector as one of the most important areas in its export policy for 2009-2012. It is estimated that there are around 40,000 light engineering businesses in the country.

Basically, The lighting industry in Bangladesh continues to grow each year. This labor-intensive sector produces a diverse range of products, including import substitute machinery spares, plant machinery, small tools, toys, consumer products, and paper products for the domestic market. Most of these enterprises are located in and around the Dhaka metropolis. Entrepreneurs from China, Japan, and Korea have taken advantage of Bangladesh’s cheap and easily trainable labor and its infrastructure facilities to manufacture products for the export market.

Key Players in the LED light industry of Bangladesh
Company Market Share of LED 2016
Super Star Electronics LTD. 22%
Energypac Electronics LTD. 9%
Pran-rfl 8%
Walton 7%
Bangladesh Lamps Ltd 13%
Others 41%
Total 100%

On the basis of the lighting industry in Bangladesh market survey, I frond that the maximum number of people in the visited area depends on the retailer (65%). And the retailer suggests those products from which they got more profit.

in conclusion, maximum consumer wants high-quality product at low cost, in the case of LED (BULB, AC/DC) they want the brightest product even without caring about the USP for example Eco-friendly, Uv free, 270* light, and so on. They only care about energy savings, brighter light, and Warranty.

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