Market Study on Commercial Vehicles Industries in Bangladesh

PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited has conducted a market study on commercial vehicles in Bangladesh. The research was started at the last of the year 2019 & completed in August 2020. (Report submission timeline was extended due to the COVID-19 situation)

The research was conducted for ISUZU Motors, Japan.

The major objective of the study was to explore the current scenario of commercial vehicles industries in Bangladesh.

The target people were the vehicle owners, driver community, CV importers & local distributors.

The following information had been covered in the study

  • The market size of the commercial vehicle,
  • Contemporary vehicles population,
  • Contemporary Market share among the key players,
  • Services of the key players,
  • Customer’s demand & Purchase behavior etc.
  • The existing marketing systems,
  • Marketing channel of current key players
  • The existing regulations,
  • Key authority in the government bodies,
  • The government fixed TTI on CVs,
  • Exhaust gas regulations,
  • The environmental policy is also explored for description in the report.



Research Methodology

  • Quantitative
  • Qualitative
  • Documentation (Reviewing Secondary Information)


Covering Geography

The study covered the nationally representative sample covering the following geography

  • 8 Divisions
  • 19 Districts
  • 38 Upazila

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