The overview of steel industry in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of Asia’s buoyant emerging steel industry and has a growing need for raw materials and steelmaking technologies. This sector is crucial to the transition to a progressive national economy. How steel-related businesses, in particular, have developed and how easily accessible these items are. Steel is a fundamental raw element for the construction of infrastructure and has many other uses. Fortunately, the nation has a long history of excellence in the art of shaping and producing steel.

The steel industry in Bangladesh is turning into a perfectly competitive market from the previous oligopolistic one. Despite having more than 50% of the market under their hands, the three major steel producers BSRM, Abul Khair Steel (AKS), and KSRM have long maintained their supremacy in the steel industry. As tiny players have grown aggressively over the past few years, their dominance has diminished. At the present time, 52 producers produce at least 10,000 MT of rod annually, and these companies collectively create about 92% of all long steel. Local businesses decided to increase steel production capacity by aggressively investing in steel manufacturing projects in order to fulfill the soaring demand for construction materials, which is mostly driven by large-scale government projects.

Bangladesh Exports of iron and steel industry

Bangladesh’s capital market has a phenomenally strong presence in the steel industry. Seven steel manufacturing businesses are listed on Bangladesh’s stock exchange. Basically, two specialize in cold rolled and galvanized steel sheets/coils, while the other five concentrate on the production of MS Rod, MS Bar, and MS billet.

In conclusion, the steel industry in Bangladesh has emerged as a vital player in the country’s economic development. With steady growth driven by infrastructure projects, industrialization, and construction activities, the industry has shown remarkable resilience and adaptability. However, challenges such as raw material availability and environmental concerns require strategic planning and collaboration among stakeholders. As Bangladesh strives for further progress, a sustainable and innovative approach will be key to ensuring the steel industry’s continued success, contributing to the nation’s overall growth and prosperity.


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