Tea Market of Bangladesh

Since British rule introduced black tea in the region back in 1840, the consumption of tea has never receded in Bengal, only to be found today as the cheapest drink available in the market or to be part of a luxurious lifestyle as an exclusive brew. Bangladesh has a long history of producing CTC (Cut, Tear, Curl) black tea. But in recent decades, the industry has also started producing green and oolong tea, introducing new tastes and blends for local as well as global consumers. Traditionally local consumers are accustomed to black tea which is fully fermented and more oxidized than other kinds. The most popular preparation supplements are milk, molasses, ginger, lemon, and mint along with newer additions like sakura, malta, tamarind, chili, etc.

For the last ten years, the domestic production of the tea market has hardly met the consumption amount. In 2008 the export was 8.39 million kg worth of 976.95 million BDT making the highest mark in the past ten years. In the domestic market, tea is sold either through direct sales or through an auction. The tea estates can sell 15% to 20% of total production in the local market. The rest of the sales are generated through the tea auction market in Chattogram & Sreemangal.

Key players in Bangladesh tea industries

  1. Abul Khair
  2. Ispahani
  3. Seylon
  4. Finley
  5. Kazi and Kazi
  6. HRC

Export Market

The demand for tea is increasing rapidly worldwide in recent years. Value-added variations and organic tea are taIn recent years, the demand for tea has been rising quickly across the globe. Value-added variations and organic tea are dominating the global market, opening up a huge window of opportunity for Bangladesh to export its premium quality tea to the US, the Middle East, and Asian nations, particularly Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as China, the birthplace of tea. The Consolidated Tea & Lands Co. (BD) Ltd., Abul Khair Consumer Products Ltd., Halda Valley Tea Estate Ltd., Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Ltd., Haji Ahmad Brothers, M. M. Ispahani Ltd., Shaw Wallace Bangladesh Ltd., Monir Shah & Sons (Pvt) Ltd., and Meghna Tea Company Ltd. are the nine companies that export tea from Bangladesh to other countries.

After jute, tea is the second-largest cash crop in Bangladesh. Tea has been a staple beverage in this nation from breakfast to late socializing. The majority of people consume tea outside of Bangladesh in nations like India, China, Japan, and the United Kingdom. As a result, Bangladesh has produced tea for more than 180 years. 167 commercial tea production estates and gardens are currently operating in Bangladesh on 2,79,507.88 acres of land, employing over 1.5 lakh people. In addition, Bangladesh produces 3% of the world’s tea. The Bangladeshi tea market was estimated to be worth BDT 3500 crore in 2021.

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