Tiles and Ceramics Industry in Bangladesh

Since its inception in 1958, the tiles and ceramics industry in Bangladesh has proven to be a promising sector for the country’s growth and economy. The industry, launched with a small manufacturing plant of Tajma Ceramic Industries in Bogra, is now a body of over 62 ceramic manufacturers, earning profits for many industrialists.

The ceramics industry in Bangladesh serves over about 88% of the market with tableware, sanitaryware, and tiles. Alongside this, the production of glasses, electrical components, refractories, etc. is also supported by this sector. Ceramic products also occupy the export market of the country, making way for a yearly export worth $42 million.

“Bangladeshis have transformed their lifestyle over the years. For instance, tiles have almost completely replaced mosaics in households. Thus, local demand for ceramics products is extremely high, which is being efficiently met by the country’s ceramics industry. In the near future, we hope to strengthen our stakes in the global export market,” asserts Md. Shirajul Islam Mollah MP, President of the Bangladesh Ceramics Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BCMEA). He backed his claim by adding that Bangladesh’s low labor cost, relative to the quality and production, gives it an edge over traditional manufacturers across the globe. Moreover, a rich source of liquefied natural gas, required for the production of ceramics, will help the industry sustain its ever-growing production. If the positive trend continues, then the 200% growth seen over the last five years may change to an even more impressive estimate.

Market share of the ceramic industry in Bangladesh


Major exporting destination for ceramics products (FY 2018-19)

In the tiles and ceramics industry in Bangladesh, the demand for ceramics is sure to rise in the future. New home buyers, and even renovators, now have the option of choosing tiles and coordinating colors for sanitaryware from the range of products available. Citizens today are more conscious of their choices and with easy access to the global picture, they are more knowledgeable about product quality and prefer rich product diversity and a constantly updating catalog. Potteries and tableware for home décor is also a popular subject in the area. Hence, the ceramics industry and prospective investors see excellent opportunities in the local market. Because of their efficient performance in controlling quality and maintaining product diversity, the industry can confidently focus on their influence on the global market.

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