Baby Diaper market research in Bangladesh

Baby Diaper market research

  • Baby Diaper Market Sales Status

    We do baby diaper market research in Bangladesh, and we asked 3104 respondents/outlets about Baby Diaper Sales Status. Among the total respondents, about 32% (987 individuals) replayed that they sell different types of Baby Diapers as their regular products. About 68% of the total respondents (2117 individuals) respondents replayed that they are not selling any kind of Baby Diaper currently.


  • Baby Diaper Sales Quantity

    Among the total Facewash sellers (987) we have asked about the average sales quantity for the last month. Here is the respondents’ feedback that their average sales quantity is 10-30 pieces of different sizes (45.3% of 987 respondents). Approximately 24.6% of respondents replayed that their average sales quantity is 30 to 50 pieces of different sizes. 20.1% of respondents replayed that their average sales quantity is less than 10 pieces of different sizes. About 7.0% of respondents sale quantity is 50 to 100 pieces of different sizes. About 2.3% of respondents sales quantity is 100 to 200 pieces and only 0.7% of respondents sales quantity is more than 200 pieces of different sizes.


  • Top Ten Baby Diaper Brands

    To identify the top branded Baby Diaper products, we asked the respondents (total of 987) about the most-selling brand. Most of the respondents (80.7%) mentioned “Chuchu” as the top brand and Mummy Poko Pants as tenth (8.1%) among the top ten brands of Baby Diapers.


  • Most Selling Baby Diaper Product Size

    We conducted a survey with 987 respondents to determine the most popular size for Baby Diapers in the current market. The majority (76.5%) indicated that medium size (8 to 14 kg) was the most in-demand, followed by small size (1 to 7 kg). Only 4.9% of respondents chose large size (over 15 kg) as the most popular option.


  • Most Selling Baby Diaper Packet Size

    After conducting market research, we aimed to determine the most popular packet sizes of Baby Diapers. Through surveying 987 individuals, 57.3% indicated a preference for small-sized packets containing 4 to 19 pieces, while medium-sized packets (20 to 59 pieces) followed closely behind. Only 5.4% of respondents indicated a preference for large-sized packets containing more than 60 pieces.


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