PRITI Works Market Study on Power Sectors in Bangladesh

Project-1: Market Study on Renewable Energy Industry in Bangladesh 

  • Solar Battery Users
  • Solar Battery Traders
  • Marketing Channel of Competitors

Client: Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd


Project-2: Market Feasibility Study on Electrical Cable Accessories Market in Bangladesh

  • End-Level Users of Cable Accessories products [DESCO, REB, DPDC, PDB, etc.]
  • Importers of Cable Accessories Products
  • Suppliers of the Cable Accessories Products

Client: BDB India Private Ltd. Pune, India


Project-3: Market Feasibility Studies on Switchgear Industries in Bangladesh

  • End-Level Users/Industries
  • Switchgear Manufacturers

Client: CNTIC & CHINT, China


Project-4: Customer Feedback on Rural Electrification Board New Project

  • End-Level Consumers of Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board

Client: Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board

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