Toiletries Products Market in Bangladesh


The toiletries products and cosmetics industry is one of the most important sectors. This industry plays a significant role in the development of the national economy of Bangladesh. For instance, Toilet paper, cosmetics, and other scents are all produced by a number of different corporations. For the past 15 years, local brands have gradually taken over the domestic market while the industry has experienced double-digit growth. From only 40% in the late 1990s, local manufacturers currently account for around 60% of the domestic market for cosmetics and toiletries. With a turnover of over tk—150 billion in 2014, the Bangladesh Cosmetics and Toiletries Manufacturers Association (BCTMA) recently revealed data demonstrating that the market witnessed a compound annual growth rate of 10% over the preceding 15 years, making it one of the lucrative and dynamic industries.

Key Players:

Company’s Name Market share
Unilever Bangladesh  45%
Kohinoor 20%
Square 18%
Keya 13%
Others 04%

Unilever Bangladesh holds close to 50% of the country’s overall market for cosmetics (divided into categories for men, women, and children), which is estimated to be around 4,000 corers BDT. Additionally, a few regional businesses offer various chemicals for this use. Basically, 90% of the chemicals are imported, and they typically originate from China and India due to their low cost and low cost of transport. In addition, some businesses that market themselves as quality service providers import chemicals from the UK, the USA, Germany, France, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Italy. Bangladesh imports 350 crores BDT worth of chemicals annually for use in toiletries and cosmetics.

In conclusion, Bangladesh is one of the most populous nations and has been steadily growing. The daily routines of Bangladeshi people’s livelihood, tests, and way of life are changing. The adult population of Bangladesh (particularly the female student population) employs a variety of cosmetics goods on a daily basis as instruments. To preserve their attractiveness and hygiene, including personal care, hygiene products, and color cosmetics. Bangladesh is currently a very promising market for personal care, hygiene, and cosmetic goods. The local market for cosmetics and toiletry items is being taken over by a number of foreign-branded products, locally-produced branded products, and locally-produced non-branded products.

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